PVC Coated Fabric - Why You Should Use Them

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PVC (polyvinylchloride) coated fabrics are made with pure polyester scrim, covered with a smooth PVC on the back popularly used for architectural projects. It is also used to protect luggage, cases and bags since the fabric is waterproof, strong, durable and does not tear or rip. Its coating is made of vinyl which contains fire retardant components, a UV stabilizer and anti-fungicides. The fabric is foldable and good for portable structures for long-term and short-term projects. When choosing a PVC coated fabric material to use, always consider the purpose of the material. Is it for an architectural project, car covering or agricultural purposes? 

Benefits of using PVC coated Fabric 

Here is what you stand to benefit by using PVC coated fabric.

1.   Durability

PVC coated fabric lasts for more than 20 with low maintenance since the material is resistant to corrosion, weathering and chemical rotting. The material is also resistant to tear due to its base fabric, adhesion values, and knit construction used to produce it. The properties make it a preferred choice for many outdoor construction projects such as roofing and constructing inflatable structures. When shopping around, look for a provider who can account for long-term success projects completed prior. 

2.   Cost-effective

The material used in manufacturing PVC coated fabric is strong from its technical properties, low maintenance, and long-lasting cost-performance benefits. It is also easy to install due to its lightweight nature, making it easy to shape, cut, and weld into the desired style. When looking for PVC coated fabric to purchase, consider factors such as warranty and research about the provider's record when it comes to providing the service. Additionally, evaluate the cost-effectiveness in the long run since some of the fabric, such as the gold standard, has a high initial cost but serves you for years. 

3.   Safe material

PVC fabric has been used for decades and is one of the most researched plastics globally, confirming to international health and safety standards. Unlike other plastics, it contains fire-resistant material such as chlorine and is one of the best natural flame retardants and self-extinguishers. Therefore, PVC tends to char during a fire instead of generating flame droplets, reducing ignition and spreading. Additionally, it is a good insulator because it does not conduct electricity, making it a good choice for insulating electrical cables. 


PVC coated fabric comes with many benefits such as cost-effectiveness, safety, versatility, fire resistance and durability. The material has been used for decades and is confirmed perfect for construction activities such as roofing and awning. It is also used in hot air balloons, airships, life jackets, car airbags and convertible roofs. When purchasing the fabric in wholesale or retail, consider a salesperson who will help you choose the best material for your project.


22 February 2022

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