Still Using Generic Screens? Why Switch To Custom Wire Mesh Screens

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When it comes to industrial projects, you can't afford to cut corners, especially with the equipment you use. If your industrial projects involve the use of sifting equipment, you need to know that you're using the right wire mesh screens. Unfortunately, that can be difficult to do, especially when you take the one-size-fits-all approach to your screen purchases. That's where the custom approach comes into the picture. When you choose custom wire mesh screens for your sifting equipment, you're sure to get the quality you need for your projects.

2 May 2022

PVC Coated Fabric - Why You Should Use Them

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PVC (polyvinylchloride) coated fabrics are made with pure polyester scrim, covered with a smooth PVC on the back popularly used for architectural projects. It is also used to protect luggage, cases and bags since the fabric is waterproof, strong, durable and does not tear or rip. Its coating is made of vinyl which contains fire retardant components, a UV stabilizer and anti-fungicides. The fabric is foldable and good for portable structures for long-term and short-term projects.

22 February 2022