What Every Person Getting Married Needs To Know About Lighting Rental

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Between dress fittings, cake tastings, and reception hall viewings, today's couples have their hands full. One detail that is a newcomer to wedding to-do lists is entertainment lighting rental services. Yes, you do need to rent lighting to have a perfect wedding in 2022 and beyond, but it will be well worth the effort. Here's what you need to know.


When you first hear of entertainment lighting rentals, you probably think of spotlighting, which would be a good starting point. Spotlighting, sometimes called pin lighting, is when there is a spotlight focused on the bride and groom during their first dance or on a speaker during a wedding toast. This is similar to how an actor is in the spotlight on a stage during a monologue. While spotlighting is essential to your wedding in order to direct your guest's focus where you need it to be, entertainment lighting technicians can offer so much more. 


Uplighting is lighting that is directed up at the ceiling and is designed to accentuate an architectural feature, such as:

  • Columns. If your wedding reception site has columns, either along the edge of the dance floor or throughout the dining space, have your entertainment lighting rental service company highlight them with uplights. 
  • Floral arrangements. Wedding floral arrangements are trending to overabundance including five-foot-tall centerpieces on every table and floral 'chandeliers' weighing hundreds of pounds that are suspended from the ceiling. Maximize your floral budget by adding uplights so all your guests see your flowers throughout the night. 
  • Arbor, chuppah or mandap.  If your wedding ceremony includes the use of a temporary structure like an arbor, chuppah, or mandap, use uplighting during the service to highlight its beauty and keep the focus on the bride and groom. 

Conversely, uplighting can also take attention away from things that you don't like in the reception hall. Uplighting several columns in the middle of the room can draw everyone's attention away from the dated wallpaper that you are not fond of.


Another popular trend for wedding lighting is to work with your entertainment lighting team to create a custom wedding monogram. The monogram can be a combination of your initials or anything else that is symbolic to the newlyweds. The lighting technicians can then coordinate with the DJ or band to have the custom monogram lighting displayed on the dance floor as you arrive to have your first dance.  

Entertainment lighting rental services are a unique way to customize your big day. Be sure to include custom lighting at your event.


3 December 2021

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