3 Reasons To Trust A Third-Party Crane Inspection Company

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In certain types of construction or specific business settings, cranes are an integral part of everyday processes. While it is required by OSHA that any cranes being used in a business setting are checked regularly by the owners and the crane operators, it is also a good idea to have the crane inspected by a third-party crane inspection service on occasion. Even though you are consistently checking your crane yourself, there are hidden advantages to having the crane checked by someone other than who works with the crane every day. Take a look at some of the reasons to have your crane inspected by a third-party crane inspection service. 

1. It is always good to have a fresh look during an inspection. 

The more you work with a crane and get familiar with it, the more you will know about it. However, the more you inspect a crane, the easier it is to also overlook certain problems that may be there. You automatically expect everything to be a certain way, so sometimes, you will overlook problems that you should be seeing but simply don't catch. When you bring in someone who has never seen the crane, they can sometimes spot issues right away that you just didn't see. 

2. Third-party service providers can offer helpful insight into common crane problems. 

Even though you have a set of guidelines to follow to make sure your crane is safe to operate, this does not really make you an expert in cranes. On the other hand, people who work for crane inspection services have often had years of training with different types of cranes. Because of their extensive experience, crane inspectors that do this all the time can usually provide an amazing amount of insight into common crane problems and what to look for specifically during your own inspections. 

3. Occasional third-party crane inspections will help keep your cranes in operation. 

When a crane goes down in your business operation, it can mean long periods of time that the crane will not be used because it is in need of repairs. By getting experts to check out your crane for an inspection beyond the inspections you and your employees do daily, you can sometimes avoid these extensive downtimes because problems with the crane will be spotted earlier. The secondary inspection from an outside crane inspections professional just adds an extra layer of protection for the cranes that you rely on so much. 


10 December 2018

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