Caring For Your Sifting Screens

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If you have just started using sifting screens to sort rocks, granite, pulp and other materials, you may have already noticed how useful they are. Torn and damaged screens can cause delays, so it's important to do the following things in order to ensure that the screens are well taken care of. 

Perform Frequent Inspections Throughout the Day

If you are sorting granite and rocks from soil, the soil can sometimes become wet due to rain and other factors. As a result, your sifting screens can become occluded by clumping soil that has to be brushed away with a wire bush. Instead of waiting until the screen is completely clogged and work has to stop, perform frequent inspections and remove clumps so there is not a break in workflow.

Multiple daily inspections are even more important when you're sorting materials like pulp that are regularly wet. Clumping is even more likely to happen as the day goes along. Materials might need to be dislodged in order for the screens to function effectively. Enlist the help of employees so that inspections can happen in a timely fashion.

Check and Clean Them at Night

When work is done for the day, you may think you can just leave the screens until the next day, especially if you've been keeping an eye on them all day long. However, to preserve them, it is smart to clean them one last time each night and look for signs of damage.

As you clean, look for signs of small holes and tears, especially along the edges of the screens. You should also be looking for signs of rust. If you do see signs of a problem, you can take steps to repair or replace the mesh. Ensure that the screens are left to air dry completely before using them again or pat them dry with clean cloths.

After you're done cleaning and looking at the screens themselves, take a moment to check out the frames to ensure they're intact. If your sifter screen frames are wood, look for signs of rotting or splitting. If the frames are metal, look for rust. Make any necessary replacements of frame pieces as soon as you can.

By doing these easy activities, you can preserve the sifting screens you use on your work sites. Be sure to talk to your employees and managers about how they too can care for the screens over time.


27 June 2016

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