Why Fluid Handling Equipment Is Beneficial To Multiple Industries

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Fluid handling equipment is designed to assist in the cleaning and sanitizing of manufacturing plants. Many industries benefit from this type of equipment, and rely on these systems to help control chemical output during the cleaning process.

This article explains just what fluid handling equipment is, why it is essential to many manufacturers, and which industries are most likely to use this type of system:

What is fluid handling equipment?

The goal of this kind of system is to help control water output for cleaning and sanitizing purposes. Fluid handling equipment is used to help mix chemicals to a proper strength for cleaning conveyor belts, machinery, and flooring.

It also can be used for applying temperature-controlled steam for sanitizing equipment used in food processing and manufacturing. Special water filters are also used in this system to help dispose of waste and keep pure water from being contaminated during the manufacturing process.

Why is fluid handling equipment important?

Many industries have to meet quality standards when using chemicals to process or manufacture their goods. Those in the food industry have to ensure that the products they put into production are free of bacteria and other contaminants.

When cleaning solvents and chemicals must be used, fluid handling systems aid in ensuring the proper dilution of supplies so equipment and other surfaces are not affected.

Fluid handling equipment also allows for safe steam-cleaning methods by allowing industries to control the heat levels and pressure of the steam they use to sanitize sensitive or often-used equipment. Water filtration systems help keep chemically-laden fluids from contaminating safe water sources as well.

Which industries use fluid handling equipment?

There are many industries that rely on safe cleaning and sanitizing methods for proper production. These industries include a variety of different industries:

  • paper production mills
  • food processing plants
  • car and truck wash companies
  • cement and asphalt production manufacturers

Industries that use chemicals and cleaning solvents on a regular basis, such as truck wash companies and cement producers, especially rely on fluid handling equipment. These industries incorporate these systems into their production process to properly clean their equipment and filter out contaminated water as they complete their daily practices.

To enable a safe working environment and safely sanitize and clean as part of manufacturing, many industries use fluid handling equipment every day. In being able to carefully monitor chemical and steam output, companies can work safely and meet industry cleanliness standards every day.


4 June 2015

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