The Benefits Of Switching To A Manufacturing Production Scheduling Software Program


Is your business currently using manufacturing resource planning (MRP) software ? Do you often find that this software fails to properly allocate your raw materials and production capabilities? If so, you might consider switching to a manufacturing production scheduling program.

While these production programs share the same goal to help allocate resources and labor, the way in which this goal is accomplished varies dramatically. Below you will learn more about the way production scheduling programs work and how they can help you to manage your production needs better than MRP.

Total Capacity Vs Available Capacity

Resource planning software programs rely on your total production capacity when making calculations. The problem with this is that your business may not always be operating at full capacity. For instance, if you recently took on a large order for customized materials, a quarter of your production equipment may be unavailable for traditional runs until after this order has been completed. This is why production scheduling programs work using your available capacity rather than your total capacity when making key calculations. By simply entering information into the program regarding jobs that have already been scheduled, you can ensure that the production calculations these programs provide are realistic for current available capacity.

Stepped Approach Vs Lead Time

MRP software will not have the ability to take the next step in the calculation until the previous step has been completed. For instance, once you order materials, you will not be able to start production until after those materials have been received, even if these materials are ordered simply to replace the ones that will be used during your next production run. This type of approach is known as a stepped approach.

Production scheduling software programs do not use a stepped approach. Instead, these programs incorporate the use of lead time when determining when to place orders and start production. As a result, the materials you need to start your next run should always be present before production is scheduled to begin rather than waiting for materials to arrive.

Job Equality Vs Profit Prioritizing

A MRP treats every job you need to complete as though it is created equal. For instance, if you need to make just one custom part, this job will be treated the same as an order for 10,000 parts. This type of job equality can prevent your company from maximizing its profits.

Manufacturing production scheduling software programs on the other hand, will determine the profitability of each job you must complete and prioritize your production runs in the order of which runs will be most profitable. This will allow you to always make the best use of your time and resources.

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9 February 2015

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