Tips When Ordering Polyurethane Packaging Foam For Product Protection

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Protecting products is a lot easier thanks to the availability of polyurethane packaging foam. It can even be customized as well depending on what you're shipping. These tips will help you order this packaging material in a refined and effective way.

Figure Out Ideal Firmness

When you go to press down on polyurethane packaging foam, you will notice a particular firmness. This trait matters to how much protection is provided to your particular product. Getting the right firmness will keep your product safe, but also helps you save money by going with the right type of polyurethane packaging foam.

Typically, larger products will need foam that's more firm. They weigh more and thus need more support as to be okay throughout the shipping procedures that they're exposed to. If you have lighter products, then you don't need polyurethane packaging foam that's as firm.

Find a Manufacturer That Has Quick Customization Lead Times

It's pretty important to utilize customization services when shipping products with polyurethane packaging foam. The foam needs to wrap around your products a certain way and customizing it is the only true way of getting a fit where there aren't a lot of gaps left over.

Just make sure you go with a polyurethane packaging foam manufacturer that has quick lead times for their customized foam products. Then you can get a custom order shipped to your business quickly and begin using the packaging materials with your products. Even complex customization orders should be filled quickly by a manufacturer that has refined customization and shipping processes.

Select a Color

Color might not seem like that important of a matter when it comes to polyurethane packaging foam because this material's primary job is to offer protection to products. However, if you plan on using this foam as a marketing tool for customers that order your products, then color does matter.

You want the packaging experience also to be impactful to customers and color will ultimately affect this. For instance, if you went with a color for the foam that is in line with your company's brand image, customers will see that your efforts are in sync, which can reflect positively back to your clients.

Packaging products doesn't have to be a guessing game when you rely on polyurethane packaging foam. It's durable and can be customized to fit around pretty much any product. You just need to order the right foam from a manufacturer that can easily deliver an amazing product. Contact a polyurethane foam provider for more information. 


1 June 2021

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