Tips For Storing Your Liquid Petroleum Safely And Ensuring You Stay On The Right Side Of The Law

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Liquid petroleum gas refers to a liquid mix that usually contains propane and some types of gas such as butane. If you are seeking out an LPG storage tank manufacturer, you are most likely seeking a way to store more propane-based liquid gas on your property. But propane and other liquefied gas can obviously be dangerous when not stored properly. For best results, keep these tips in mind for your propane or LPG storage tanks.

Start with Government Approval

First things first, any business looking to store a large amount of LPG on site will likely need regulatory approval to do so. Make sure your business has all of its permits and paperwork in order before you even contact a storage tank manufacturer, as the manufacturer may ask to see that you have everything in order before they show up with your new tanks.

Do You Have a Dedicated Space or Will You Be Storing the Propane Near Other Things?

A propane or LPG tank should never be stored somewhere near employees or other visitors from the public. Ideally, you will want to create a dedicated storage room that is set apart from the rest of your business as this will allow you to store thousands of pounds of LPG per regulatory guidelines. If you don't have a specific storage space that is set far away from the rest of your business, you might be limited by regulatory guidelines to storing far less than you would like. Look up the laws in your state as well as check in with federal guidelines to make sure you are on the right side of the law, and then create a dedicated space in order to give yourself the best set up.

Replace or Re-qualify As Needed

Every LPG tank you install will include the date that the tank was put into place. There will also be an expiration or re-qualification date to keep in mind. You may need to replace unused LPG or replace an old tank entirely once the date in question arrives. Monitor these dates and schedule plans for re-qualification well in advance so you don't get stuck holding propane that could get you into regulatory trouble.

LPG storage tanks should ideally be stored in a dedicated space far away from the rest of your business and certain far away from customers or the public. Contact a local LPG storage tank manufacturer and discuss the federal guidelines and state laws as they pertain to your particular business befofe you move forward.


1 June 2021

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