Minimize Dust From A Gravel Entryway And Line The Sides Of The Gravel Surface With Flowering Bushes

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If you recently had a new gravel entryway installed on your company's property, minimize the amount of dust that blows around while you, employees, and clients drive over it. Once finished, line the gravel entryway's sides with rows of flowering bushes to give the new addition a well-defined and attractive appearance. 


  • ​bag of zinc chloride or calcium chloride
  • garden gloves
  • rake
  • measuring tape
  • flowering bushes
  • small shovel
  • bags of topsoil
  • tamping tool
  • water hose
  • colorful mulch
  • solar-operated light stakes
  • speed limit sign

Minimize Dust With Salt That Is Soluble

Zinc chloride or calcium chloride are two types of salt that are soluble. Once applied to the gravel surface, either one will attract and absorb moisture before disintegrating, which will help the entryway's surface retain moisture. As a result, dust will not be likely to become an issue. Put on a pair of garden gloves before applying a layer of salt to the gravel surface.

Use a rake to spread the salt out as evenly as possible. Add more salt to the entryway if you notice dust levels increasing considerably in the future. The salt that was added will also assist with preventing the entryway from becoming icy during the winter when the temperatures are below freezing.

Plant Flowering Bushes And Install Lighting

Use a small shovel to dig holes along each side of the entryway that are wide and deep enough for each bush's root system to fit into. Use a measuring tape to assist with spacing the holes apart evenly. Plant the flowering bushes and fill in the holes with topsoil. Use a tamping tool to flatten the surface of the soil.

Water the bushes and apply a thin layer of colorful mulch around the base of each bush to enhance the beauty of all of them. Insert light stakes that are solar-powered at random areas alongside the entryway. The light stakes will absorb photons that the sun emits during the daytime. As a result, the lights will turn on at night and provide plenty of visibility for anyone who will be driving onto your company's property.

Install A Speed Limit Sign

Although the salt will help protect dust from becoming an issue, installing a speed limit near the beginning of the gravel entryway will direct individuals to drive slowly, which could be helpful. As a result of driving slow, gravel pieces won't shift a lot, which could lead to less dust blowing. Insert a light stake near the speed limit sign so that people can see it clearly when it is dark out. 

For more help controlling road dust, contact a company like GMCO Corporation.


24 October 2016

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