The Benefits Of Upgrading Your Laser Cutting Capabilities To Fiber

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In many precision metal fabrication shops today, laser cutting technology is leading the way in parts and protocol manufacturing. Lots of fab shops today employ CO2 laser cutters, an advanced laser cutter that can produce several parts fast and does so with high-tech precision. You may have a CO2 laser cutter in your fab shop that helps to increase your profits due to its capabilities of fast production. However, you have another, more advanced option today for laser cutting that may be faster and more efficient than CO2 cutters. Check out the benefits your fab shop can enjoy by using the latest in fiber laser cutting machinery.

Save Money On Maintenance And Overhead Utility Costs

The cost of running a fiber laser cutting machine is more affordable than other laser cutters because it has no moving parts or reflecting mirrors where the light is generated. The disk laser or CO2 resonator in a traditional CO2 laser cutter can be more expensive because it requires greater amounts of electricity to operate. Fiber laser cutters have a much longer diode life than other cutters, offering between 50,000 to 100,000 hours. Because a fiber laser cutter has fewer moving parts, you have fewer hours to spend on maintenance, another way this type of machine will save you money. Fiber lasers produce light through collective diode banks that is filtered through fiber optic cables. The focusing lens for direction of fiber produced laser light is built into the cutting head, thus allowing you the benefit of never having to deal with the replacement of costly optical mirrors.

No Back Reflections Equals More Options For Your Customers

If you have endured damage to your CO2 laser cutter because the back reflection created when cutting materials like brass or copper, you know well the high cost of repairs and down time. You may have had to turn down customers that had orders for parts manufactured out of reflective materials like copper and brass due to your inability to cut them properly. With a fiber laser cutter, you never have to worry about back reflections causing damage, so bringing in new customer orders using reflective metals is not a problem. You also do not have the stress of worrying about down time due to reflective damages.

Taking steps to maintain your metal fabrication production is an essential aspect of operating a successful business. By learning more about the latest in laser cutting technology, you are more informed about the ways you can surpass your competitors and provide your customers with cutting edge technology. For more information, contact a company like Moorhead Machinery & Boiler Co.


15 September 2016

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