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Has the liquid-ring vacuum pump used at your plant been malfunctioning a lot? It is possible that the pump has become worn out and needs to be replaced. However, sometimes a problematic vacuum pump will only need to be repaired. Take a look at this article to learn about the possible problems that can cause an industrial vacuum pump to malfunction.

1. The Pump Consumes a Lot of Power

Consumption of a lot of power is a sign that the coupling is in need of being realigned. However, the problem can also stem from there being an excessive amount of seal liquid in the pump. You can get the seal flow rate adjusted to bring the liquid under control. A liquid-ring vacuum pump might also consume a lot of power it if it mounted on an uneven surface.

2. The Pump Always Overheats

If your pump has been continuously overheating, there are a few things that could be causing the problem. For instance, the seal liquid inside of the pump might be hotter than usual. You might want to get the cooler fouler inspected, as well as the cool flow rate in case it needs to be increased. A defective bearing can also cause overheating, but it can easily be replaced by a contractor. Getting the coupling realigned might fix a problem with overheating as well.

3. Seal Water Leaks Out

Seal water can leak from various areas of a liquid-ring vacuum pump. A contractor can observe where the water is leaking from and pinpoint the type of repair that is necessary. Water might be leaking from the body gasket on the pump, which can sometimes be repaired by making sure the bolts are even. If water leaks from the castings, it is possible that corrosion is the cause due to the pump being old.

4. There Is Excessive Vibrating from the Pump

Improper mounting can lead to a liquid-ring vacuum pump vibrating in an excessive manner. It is possible that the bearings are not in good shape and need to be replaced. Excessive vibrating can also occur when the coupling or V-belt is misaligned. If you are dealing with a vacuum pump that has numerous problems, it might simply be old and about to stop working altogether. If you find out that your vacuum pump is too old for repairs, talk to a professional such as JMI to get a new one.


17 August 2016

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