3 Tips For Saving Money On Factory Heating This Winter

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Keeping your factory at a reasonably warm temperature during the winter months is probably important to you. Your equipment or supplies might be damaged by overly cold temperatures, and you probably want to ensure that your employees are as comfortable as possible, too. However, the cost of keeping a large factory heated during the cold winter months can be expensive, and you might not be looking forward to this added expense. Luckily, following these helpful tips can allow you to save money on factory heating this winter while keeping your equipment, supplies and employees at the right temperature.

1. Keep Overhead Doors Shut 

One common cause of heat loss—and therefore a common cause of added heating bills during the winter—is when overhead doors that are used for loading and unloading are left open all day long. When the weather is mild, it might make sense for your employees to leave these doors open so that they can get their job done without having to constantly open and close the doors. When the temperatures drop, however, it is important to keep these doors closed whenever they are not in use if you don't want to lose out on a lot of the heat within your factory.

2. Buying Heating Oil in Bulk

Even homeowners can benefit from purchasing their heating oil in bulk, since many heating oil companies offer lower pricing for those who purchase more at one time, and since you can save on delivery fees by buying large quantities of heating oil at once. However, these savings can be multiplied in a factory, which is generally much larger and requires the use of a whole lot more heating oil. Consider talking to your heating oil delivery company about buying a large tank full of heating oil at the beginning of the season.

3. Use Your Industrial Fans

You might have thought that you were finished using your large industrial fans—whether they are overhead, large industrial box fans or a combination of the two—once the temperature cooled down. However, using these fans is a good way to circulate heat throughout the factory, including both the heat from your industrial heating unit and heat that might be generated by your machinery and equipment.

As you can see, if you are concerned about the cost of heating your factory this winter, there are ways that you can cut costs. Give these tips a try to make a difference. For more information, contact companies like Fox Fuel Co. 


21 July 2016

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