Three Ways You Can Maintain A Steel Pallet Rack System In A Warehouse


Like many companies, your warehouse may be outfitted with a pallet racking system made of steel. The racking system is in place to help your company with organization, and it is easy to forget about it, focusing instead on transporting and storing your products. Use the following advice to help you keep the pallet racking system in good condition so that it can help you take care of your products.

Respect Weight Limits

Because your pallet racks are constructed from steel, you might assume that you can load as many pallets as you want. However, too many pallets can cause the racks to buckle. All of your racks should have a plaque that displays how much weight each rack can handle. Remind your forklift operators often to respect the load limits to keep the racks from collapsing.

If you expect more products and pallets, consider adding additional racks. You might even want to keep extra racks on hand in case you need to set up new racks to keep up with increasing inventory.

Keep Aisles Wide Enough for Forklifts

Keeping your aisles wide enough for forklifts to get in and out of them is important. Keep about 12 feet between each aisle so that the forklifts are able to retrieve and drop pallets. If you need to make your aisles smaller so that you can store more items in the warehouse, enlist the help of pickers and other equipment to ensure that it is still easy to get to your products when you need them.

Protect the Racks Themselves

One thing that is often overlooked is that you can protect your racks from damage due to wear and tear and being bumped by forklifts all day long. However, you may not know that there are some things you can do to protect your racks. For instance, you can install post protectors to prevent your forklifts from ramming into the racks.

You can also inspect the racks frequently to notice any problems with the steel before there is a breakdown of the racking system. Bad welds, corrosion, dings and cracks need to be addressed right away so that the racking system stays strong. Encourage your employees to monitor the racks as well.

With the pointers in this article, you can maintain your pallet racking system so that everything continues to run smoothly in your warehouse. For more information, contact Commercial Hardware or a similar company.



10 February 2016

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