Recycling In Your Office Building? Do These Two Things

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If you oversee a business and have decided to a implement a recycling program, it can be a challenge to get started and get everyone on the same page. That's why it's important to focus on a few things at first, so that everyone can get used to a new way of doing things. Here are two things you can do.

Find a Nonprofit E-Waste Recycling Center

Over time, you are likely to replace computers and other electronic devices. Now that you are putting a recycling program in place, you might want to recycle them. Once you have wiped the devices of sensitive business information, you will have to locate an e-waste recycling center to take them.

Some e-waste recycling centers operate as nonprofit organizations, and it may be beneficial to your company to donate your items with one such center. That's because you may be able to claim those items as charitable donations and in turn be able to save money on your business taxes at the end of the tax year. Be sure to consult your business accountant to find out if donating to particular recycling centers can help you.

Recycle Properly in the Employee Break Room

You might think that many of your employees are recycling in their own homes and know how to recycle items such as cans, bottles and soiled food containers, but that may not be the case. Be sure to post proper procedures and labels that tell them what kinds of items should go in each recycling container. 

It may also be a good idea to have a short training session or post flyers about the procedures to be used. For instance, you may want to explain that cans must be emptied and rinsed out before they are tossed into the recycling bin so that beverages don't become sticky over time, as that can gunk up the machines at the recycling center.

You might also want to mention that soiled cardboard could have an adverse effect on sorting machines at the center, so employees should attempt to recycle clean parts of the cardboard instead. After office parties, encourage them to put only the top of pizza boxes into the recycling bin, not the bottom part that is saturated with oil and has cheese still stuck to it.

If you keep the above information in your mind as you start to implement your company's recycling program, you can be friendlier to the environment while doing the right things for your business. Talk to recycling centers in your town to find out more information.


12 January 2016

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