Keeping Heating Costs Low In Loading Dock Settings

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When your store or facility has a shipping and receiving dock, the winter months can be brutal when it comes to your heating costs. You have no choice but to have a massive and gaping door opened in the area most parts of the day to allow shipping and receiving activity to take place. This often creates an atmosphere in your building that has to be heated constantly and still may not stay a comfortable temperature because of all of the cold air that is flowing in and the heat that is being lost. If you want to lower the commercial heating costs that you face because of this, there are a few simple things that you can do to help.

1. Keep Insulative Plastic Flaps In Good Condition - Most loading dock doors have long plastic or rubber strips that hang in front of the door when it is opened to keep as much cold air out as possible. It is not uncommon for employees to push these out of the way by tucking the flaps over to the side of the door to make traveling to and from a truck trailer easier to accomplish. Make sure that these insulative flaps not only stay in a downward position, but also in a good condition. Every little tear or missing strip allows the cold air to enter the building and your heated air to travel out.

2. Encourage Vendors to Use Regular Entry Doors When Possible - Just about every loading dock has a single entry door off to the side for entry and exit. However, the truck drivers that arrive at your facility likely just use the large door they are used to when traveling in and out. Encourage vendors to use the single entry door instead of the unless they are in the process of  loading and unloading. This eliminated the need to open and close the massively sized overhead door and keeps the insulative flaps closed.

3. Install a Cold-Deterring Blower System - If you have ever walked into the automatic doors at a retail store where traffic flow is heavy, you have probably noticed a quick burst of warm air right when you walk in the door. This blower system actually serves the purpose of deterring cold air entry every time the door opens. Plus, the quick burst of warm air where cold air is trying to enter helps to prevent the already heated air from escaping. To save on heating costs, it is a good idea to have a cold-deterring blower system installed over top of the loading dock door in your facility.

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11 December 2015

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