How To Make The Staircase Handrail In Your Factory Safer

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The handrail that runs along the staircase in your factory is required by law to keep your employees safe while they are at work. Simply having a handrail in place is not enough to protect people from tripping and falling while they are walking up the stairs, particularly on a busy day when there are a lot of employees rushing up and down the stairs or on a wet day when the steps are slippery.

Ensuring that your steps are even and flat is a good start, but there are other precautions that you should take as well. For example, you should ensure that your handrail is in good shape. These are a few ways to do so.

Opt for a Metal Handrail

If you currently have a wooden handrail or other type of handrail that is not metal, you might want to swap it out for one that is made of metal. A metal handrail that is well-secured with screws and brackets will be much stronger, sturdier and less likely to fail. You can have one made by a metal fabrication company; then, you can have it made in the size that you need for your staircase.

Have Your Handrail Welded in Place

If your handrail is not already welded in place, you should consider hiring a portable welder to come out and do the job for you. Even if you already have a metal handrail in place, it can be smart to have it welded every few years to ensure that it's held firmly in place.

Keep it Painted

It is a good idea to have your handrail painted regularly. Doing so will help prevent rust, which can cause the handrail to fail and break. Plus, if you keep your handrail sanded down and painted smoothly, it will be easier for everyone to grab onto. You can also choose a bright color, which will make it more easily visible; this will be easier for people to see the handrail and will help encourage employees to grab it when they are walking up and down the stairs.

Keeping your employees safe while they are at work is important. One important step toward doing so is ensuring that your handrail is in good condition; this is true since people can fall down the steps quite easily in a factory setting. Luckily, following these tips will help make the handrail in your staircase a lot safer for all of your employees.


5 November 2015

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