Features You Should Consider When Buying A New Sewing Machine

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When it is not worth fixing your old sewing machine, it is time to buy a new one. However, if you have not looked at the newer models, you may be surprised by all of the features that some sewing machines have. By taking the time to look through these features, you will have an easier time picking the right machine for your sewing needs.

Stitching Options

The first feature you need to look into is the stitching options for each model. All sewing machines can do a basic line stitch, but not all of them can handle the type or amount of work you need to complete.

For example, a basic sewing machine can do straight and zigzag stitches in different widths. These machines are lightweight and compact, and they are best suited for smaller projects such as hemming pants or creating small clothing items.

The more advanced sewing machines give you the ability to complete projects that require different types of stitches. These models can generally do straight, zigzag, buttonhole, decorative and stretch stitches in a wide range of widths. If you sew your own clothing or work as a tailor, then this model type would be the best choice for your needs.  

Threading Option

For many people, the task of getting the very thin string through a very small hole is a big challenge. Luckily, several companies are taking away this difficult task by changing the way you thread the needle with their machines.

Many of the newer models are coming equipped with a thread assistance tool. This is an automatic needle-threading tool that guides the thread through the eye of the needle for you. This tool is usually a small hook located behind the needle that you use to pull the thread into place.

However, it is important to note that many of the basic models and less expensive models do not have this feature. For this reason, you should look for models that have an automatic needle threading system in their description.

Embroidery Settings

One last feature to consider is whether you can use the sewing machine to recreate a specific pattern on fabric. Some models have settings that allow you to embroider a pattern to create images such as flowers, initials or cartoon characters onto any type of fabric.

This feature is an easy and fast way to make customized embroidery items for any reason you may have. Since each model type will have different embroidery options, you will need to look to see how they are programmed. Some models come with preloaded images, while others allow you to connect them to a computer to download a specific image.

When it is time to get rid of your old sewing machine, you need to know what model types are out there before you buy a new one. By understanding the different features, it will be easier to choose a sewing machine that meets your specific needs.


30 September 2015

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