Is Your Hot Water Tank Giving You The Chills? Consider Replacing It Now

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If the hot water tank in your home isn't working great and you aren't sure if you want to pay for repairs, it could be time to replace the unit anyways. If your unit is over 7 years old, the Department of Energy suggests that you upgrade to a more efficient option to save on energy bills, even though the unit may not be broken or unusable.

Here are a few reasons to consider changing from a gas water heater to an electric one when the technicians come for your water heater installation, and how it will benefit your wallet and the home.

No Gas Lines

Using an electric water heater is going to eliminate the need for gas lines in that area of the home. This means you don't have to worry about a gas leak or explosion, and you don't have to worry about a flood causing problems in the gas pipeline.

Improved Efficiency

The electric unit will be tankless, so water won't sit in large reservoir all day consuming energy to stay warm. Instead, it heats the water as soon as it comes out of the pipe. This is going to reduce energy consumption, and it can save around 30 percent or more on your hot water heating expenses. This is going to make purchasing the electric unit a money saving buy.

Fast And Non-Stop Hot Water

If you're using a traditional hot water tank, the hot water tank can run out of water, and then you have to wait to shower or wash the dishes. With a tankless unit, the water will be heated whenever you need it, so you don't have to plan your day or getting ready around your hot water tank needs. This is going to make life a lot easier around the home, especially if there are times you have run two appliances at once, or people want to take back to back showers.

If you have an issue with your hot water tank and you aren't sure if you are going to fix it or replace it, you may be making the best investment by replacing the unit right away. A new unit that is going to save on your monthly utility costs is going pay you back each month for years, and your older unit is just going to continue to have problems as it continues to age and consume large amounts of energy.


5 May 2015

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