The Most Important Factor In Maintaining Your Rotary Screw Air Compressor

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Rotary screw air compressors can be temperamental beasts, but that doesn't mean you should ignore when yours seems like it needs servicing, either by you or a company like Kruman Equipment Co. In order to keep your air compressor up and running in peak form, keeping it from running out or even low on oil, as well as keeping that oil clean, is paramount to continued operation. Here are some ways to make sure that your air compressor never runs out of clean oil, which will ensure its faithful service for years. 

Set up an Oil Change Schedule

The oil in your rotary screw air compressor should be replaced fairly regularly, and the manufacturer will typically make a recommendation on this time frame. A good benchmark for oil changing is about once every 8000 hours of operation, since this specific type of compressor can run for a very long time due to its efficiency. However, the 8000 hour mark should only be reached if you cannot schedule an oil change in advance of this mark, and earlier if the manufacturer recommends it prior to the 8000 hour mark. 

Replace the Oil Filter Frequently

Aside from running out of oil, the most common reason why one of these workhorse machines goes out of commission is because of an old oil filter that wasn't replaced on time. Unlike oil, which has a life expectancy of nearly a full year of continuous operation, your oil filter needs to be replaced relatively often, about 500 hours for a new compressor or 2000 for a veteran unit.  A good way to tell if your oil filter needs to be replaced at any point in this large range is by checking the temperature of the air discharge. If the discharge is unusually hot, then the oil filter may be blocked or otherwise not working properly, and should be replaced in order to avoid oil breakdown or other mechanical failures. 

When it comes to rotary screw air compressors, there is one factor that can make or break your machine's operation: the health of the oil system. Not enough oil is a very common cause of a seized compressor, and therefore, regular oil changes should be scheduled and performed by a technician or trained employee. Another common issue is the oil filter needing replacement, which can happen far more quickly than your compressor will need an oil change. Mastering these two maintenance issues can make a huge difference in the operation and cost of operation of your rotary screw air compressor. 


9 April 2015

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