Compressed Air Filters: Know Your Options


When it comes to your machinery, you often choose to use compressed air to get the job done. After all, compressed air packs a great deal of pressure and power, and is an endlessly reusable resource. However, if left unfiltered, compressed air can be full of contaminants including oil, dirt, water, and other potentially problematic particles. As such, you need a filtration system. Luckily, there are several options for compressed air filters available to choose from to remove such contaminants from your compressed air systems. All you need to do is select the option that works best for you and install it as soon as possible to keep your air clean and as pure as possible.

Activated Coal or Activated Carbon Filter

One of the most common compressed air filter types utilizes activated coal or carbon to achieve your air filtration goals.  To "activate" the coal (carbon), it is treated with oxygen to essentially forge spaces in between the atoms of carbon.

This activation process makes the coal capable of absorbing and trapping other particles and contaminants through chemical bonding. Essentially, activated carbon is a naturally ideal filtration material. It works best as a means to remove gases or odors from the compressed air.

Particulate Filter

A particulate filter is a type of compressed air filter that works a bit differently than the activated carbon variety. It is designed specifically to filter out other types of debris from your compressed air, namely dust and other larger particles.

Many of these filters have a honeycomb internal makeup that will trap dirt, dust, debris and other large particles preventing them from further contaminating your air. These particulate filters do need to be changed out regularly to ensure proper functioning as they can become overly full of such debris.

Coalescing Filters

Last but not least are compressed air filters known as coalescing filters. These air filters are specially designed to filter out and remove oil from the air, but is also highly effective at removing water molecules from the air as well.

This type of filtration system works by coalescing or condensing oil and water particles into droplets that get trapped inside the filter. This purifies and dries out the air making it passable and useful. These filters can also work in cold temperatures to further improve upon the filtration process.

As you can see, there are several compressed air filter options available to you to meet your various filtration needs. All you need to do is determine which is right for you and get started filtering that compressed air right away to ensure no contaminants are circulating around in your air supply. Talk to your local air filter experts, such as, for more information.


8 January 2015

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